Package-level declarations


Name Summary
Assert [jvm]
sealed class Assert
Represents the different types of Assert which will be managed.
AssertSyntax [jvm]
interface AssertSyntax
Allows to provide expected behaviours.
Code [jvm]
sealed class Code
Represents the different types of Code which will be managed.
CodeSyntax [jvm]
interface CodeSyntax
CompilerPlugin [jvm]
data class CompilerPlugin(val name: String, val dependencies: List<Dependency>)
Represents a compiler plugin.
CompilerTest [jvm]
data class CompilerTest(val config: CompilerTest.Companion.() -> List<Config> = { emptyList() }, val code: CompilerTest.Companion.() -> Code, val assert: CompilerTest.Companion.() -> Assert)
Allows to provide configuration and code for the compilation and to indicate the expected behaviour.
Config [jvm]
sealed class Config
Represents the different types of Config which will be managed.
ConfigSyntax [jvm]
interface ConfigSyntax
Allows to indicate the necessary configuration to run a compilation.
Dependency [jvm]
data class Dependency(val mavenCoordinates: String)
Represents a dependency from <artifact-id>:<version> string.
PluginOption [jvm]
data class PluginOption(val pluginId: String, val key: String, val value: String)


Name Summary
assertThis [jvm]
fun assertThis(compilerTest: CompilerTest)
Allows checking if a compiler plugin is working as expected.

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